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UBCC now exclusively purchases organic beans for sale in-store and online.

Swiss Water Decaf Blend House Breakfast Blend Espresso Blend Smokey Saratoga
Swiss Water Decaf Blend

$11.95 /12 oz. Bag 
House Breakfast Blend

$11.95 /12 oz. Bag 
Espresso Blend

$11.95 /12 oz. Bag 
Smokey Saratoga

$11.95 /12 oz. Bag 
Sweet, with caramel and nutty tones. Medium bodied an complex. Clean and bright finish. Citrus notes, well defined, colorful, and floral. Assertive sweetness and light body. Clean and elegant finish. Rich, sweet, fruity, earthy, and smooth. Medium bodied with crisp smokey finish. Dark, complex, and creamy. Hints of woodiness, tobacco with a full bodied feel. Toasty and sweet on the finish.
Useless Bay Coffee Co. is an Artisan Coffee Roasting Company located in Langley, on Whidbey Island, WA. We Roast all Organic Beans in small batches multiple times per week so as to ensure that our coffee is the best tasting coffee you've ever had.